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Chiefs-Packers Preseason Preview: Under-the-Radar Chiefs to Watch

We asked the experts over at Arrowhead Pride about some Chiefs players who we'll see a lot of in tonight's game.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Continuing with our coverage of tonight's preseason finale between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers, we again engaged Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride to break down the game.

Since tonight's game will heavily feature the reserves on both sides, we decided to discuss some of the players who are low on the depth chart but could make big impacts in tonight's game. Make sure to head over to AP to check out our picks as well.

APC: Who's a player on the Chiefs offense that we don't know but should?

A second-year receiver out of Florida named Frankie Hammond. He was on the Chiefs practice squad last year. Dwayne Bowe will be suspended the first game of the season which could to a receiver like Hammond seeing more work in this game. He's on the roster bubble but certainly has an argument to make it, especially with Bowe out Week 1.

APC: Same question, but on defense?

Do you remember LB Nico Johnson? He played for Alabama and came into the league in 2013 as a fourth round pick. The Chiefs lost their starting linebacker, Joe Mays, to a wrist injury and Johnson is one of the candidates to replace him.

APC: How about a prediction if this were a regular season game?

This is the time of year when I'm supposed to be a huge homer and predict the Chiefs upset the Packers, a la 2011. I'm going to take a realistic stance instead and go with 34-24, Packers. The Chiefs didn't beat the playoff teams they faced last year, with the defense often being the culprit. That's how this game would turn out.

Thanks to Joel and Arrowhead Pride!