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Chiefs vs. Packers, 2014 Preseason: First Half Game Thread

Join APC to discuss the Packers' final game of the 2014 preseason.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Flynn. Scott Tolzien. Jeff Janis.

Carl Bradford. Jayrone Elliott. Jumal Rolle.

These are the names of players fighting for their proverbial NFL lives tonight. These are the names of men who are trying to make the final roster of the most storied franchise in the league. After tonight, the direction of their professional careers will lay in the hands of Ted Thompson.

Okay, enough with the drama and build-up. This is the fourth and final preseason game of the year, and that means that the starters aren't playing much, if at all. To the casual football fan, the games on tonight would be practically unwatchable...but then again if you're here at APC on our game thread, you're probably not an average fan anyway. So sit back, grab a few cold ones and some encased meats, and watch the Green Bay Packers' and Kansas City Chiefs' reserves fight for the last few roster spots on each team.

And maybe, just maybe, someone will do something worthy of being bestowed with the honor "Future Hall of Famer" tonight.