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Chiefs vs. Packers Preseason, Second Half Game Thread

You've somehow sat through one of the most difficult-to-watch halves of football on the NFL schedule. You can make it for 30 more minutes of "action"!

John Konstantaras

Typically, the NFL's fourth preseason game is an exercise in agony. Fourth-stringers play for entire halves, starters sit on the sidelines wearing goofy hats, and the quality of the football is just, well, poor.

But hey, you're here, so why not watch the last remnants of the Green Bay Packers' and Kansas City Chiefs' rosters try to slog through one more 30-minute stanza to make their case for one of 63 roster spots (practice squad included, of course)?

That's right, this is our second half game thread, and it is probably about to get weird.