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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 6, 2014

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The progress of rookie Davante Adams and the excellent 2013 season posted by Jordy Nelson are among the major topics in today's curds.

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Brian Bahr

With the Green Bay Packers' preseason schedule opening up just a few short days from now, today's practice will be the last open session of the week. The team will have an off day on Thursday and will hold a closed practice on Friday afternoon before traveling to Tennessee to play the Titans on Saturday evening.

Therefore, we'll be paying close attention to the results of today's practice session to get a feel for how the depth chart will line up on Saturday. Stay tuned as we recap the events of the day as practice begins at 11:45 AM Central.

In the meantime, enjoy today's curds, which feature a close look at the Packers' wide receivers.

Packers' rookie wide receivers usually have rough route | JSOnline
It all boils down to learning the playbook and learning to work with Aaron Rodgers, two tall tasks for a rookie.

Davante Adams pushing for Green Bay Packers No. 3 receiver spot - ESPN
Despite rookies' tough adjustment periods though, Adams is trending upwards while Jarrett Boykin has had some rougher practice sessions over the past few days.

After long road back, Sherrod ready to turn corner | Packersnews
There's no question that he's the top backup at both tackle spots now, and after being a full participant in the entire offseason program, he's showing flashes of why he was a first-round pick.

Packers-Titans Preseason Week 1 Dope Sheet |
Get ready for Saturday night's game with all the random information you could possibly want - like the fact that the two teams played in week 4 of the preseason every year from 2002-2009.

The NFL is experiencing a rapid tactical evolution. |
This is a great piece of work, and describes how the Packers used a nickel or dime formation on 64% of their snaps last season.

Reception Perception: Jordy Nelson and Mastering the Little Things - Backyard Banter
This is an article I stumbled upon while researching Jordy Nelson's game a bit yesterday, and it makes the case that he is an even better wide receiver than his statistics indicated in 2013. It's pretty numbers-heavy, so you can't say I didn't warn you, but it's definitely worth a read.