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Current and Former Packers Starring In Latest Advertisements and TV Shows

Packers kicker Mason Crosby is the latest NFL player wearing Green and Gold to be featured in an advertisement on the web.

Joe Robbins

As the new NFL season kicks off within the next few days, fans across the U.S. and globe are not only getting set for football, but the ads coming forth. The Green Bay Packers have a fair amount of players on their roster with entertainment and popular stature that will lead them into your living room while the game action is away.

We give you a quick glimpse of three current and former Packers players with ads and videos you will see on the web and television. All of these have happened within the last week or so with the exception of one.

Mason Crosby - Tough Season 2

The Packers kicker stars in this web series with Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck and Washington running back Alfred Morris. There's a new kid on the block - actually, an intern - that has Crosby and Luck on the edge in their fantasy league. Feel free to watch the second of 13 episodes below:

Clay Matthews - Hugo Boss

Clay Mathews doesn't smell good on the football field. Fact. Off the field? Well, that might be a different story. Mathews poses on the front of an image for Hugo Boss -- a body fragrance -- and will appear in a "Success Beyond the Game" campaign with Denver linebacker Demarcus Ware and New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz. Read more about Mathews' ad and view his sharp promotional picture that has his hair slicked back by clicking here.

Charles Woodson -Heisman House

One of the greatest NFL and college defensive backs in Charles Woodson stars in two Heisman ads for Nissan for the rich and legendary Heisman House series. Woodson appears in a comical segment with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, while leveling several former Heisman winners, including former USC running back Marcus Allen, in another. With college football getting under way, the commercials will be appearing on your screen at home within hours.

Donald Driver - Extreme Weight Loss

Driver's appearance on the show wasn't an advertisement per say, but his time on the show helped motivate a couple to lose weight and that gets my approval (ads are supposed to get you hooked on their services, right?) In July, the Packers' all-time leading receiver made a guest appearance on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss". Watch a small clip from his surprise on the show here.

Surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers hasn't appeared in anything new recently that I can recall (quarterbacks obviously get a lot more love than other players) and Jordy Nelson has starred in his Travel Wisconsin commercials dating back a few months. Eddie Lacy will probably be getting a few calls within the next months as well if he has another strong season.

What other ads have you've seen with Packers players? I'm sure we missed some, so let us know in the comments below if you've seen anything recent with a player from the Green and Gold.