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Packers' Eddie Lacy Switching to Old Helmet After Week 1 Concussion

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The Packers' starting running back is apparently unhappy with the fact that his new helmet did not prevent another concussion.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

For the start of this season, much was made of Eddie Lacy's helmet switch. Partially in response to a concussion he suffered last season, the Green Bay Packers' running back made the move to Riddell's SpeedFlex helmet this year in the hopes that it would help protect him against similar injuries in the future.

Unfortunately, that plan was not as successful as Lacy, and presumably the Packers, had hoped. In week one against the Seahawks, Lacy suffered another concussion, presumably on a hit from Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. Though Lacy was cleared just seven days later before Thursday's practice, he was apparently unhappy with the SpeedFlex and it appears that he's returning to his old and perhaps more comfortable equipment:

It's worth keeping an eye on, but Lacy's comments indicate that he's not too terribly worried about the impact of the concussion in the near term, but he's talked about changing his running style:

Time will tell if Lacy can do that and if he can avoid more concussions in the future, but at least for now, he's going to be running with his old, traditional helmet instead.

It is of course disappointing for Lacy that the high-profile runner was concussed in the NFL's nationally-televised season opener, and it probably is easy to blame the helmet manufacturer. Still, it's worth mentioning once again that no amount of padding or equipment can guarantee that a person will not suffer a concussion from a blow to the head, and it's still possible that the injury would have been worse if Lacy were wearing a less-advanced helmet.

We wish the best of luck to Lacy for good health and good running this season.