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Once In a Lifetime: Share Your Best Football Memories with the APC Community

Have a remarkable story of a once-in-a-lifetime football experience?

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It's not often that you see your favorite NFL superstar walking on the street or get to play flag football on the field of your alma mater's legendary football stadium, but these things can happen once in a great while. A few of APC's writers got our heads together to reminisce about some of our favorite unique football memories, and we implore you to share yours in the comments.

While I am of course a Green Bay Packers fan, my truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences came during my time as a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I have been attending Wisconsin Badgers football games since middle school, but prior to my freshman year in Madison, I had only ever sat in the upper deck of the stands on the West side of the stadium. Yes, sitting in the Wisconsin student section was a fantastic experience, but it was one I got the opportunity to repeat over and over again for years. No, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this non-athlete was the opportunity to actually play football on the field at Camp Randall under the lights.

A giant flag football game was hosted by the greek society on campus, and was admittedly a recruiting tactic for the various fraternities. I went with no intentions of joining any of the frats, but rather because I wanted to be able to say someday that I not only had been on the field, but actually had played football under the lights at one of the oldest, most tradition-rich stadiums in the country. Adding a touchdown in the game made the experience that much sweeter as I hit the red FieldTurf of the north end zone.

For Wisconsin football, I could also look back to rushing the field after the 2010 victory over #1 Ohio State or going to the 2011 Rose Bowl. Oh, and there's also the time my friends and I spent an entire evening hanging out and having drinks with former Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema during one summer...but that's a story for another day.

As far as Packers memories go, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to tailgate with a member of the Packers board of directors prior to a game in 2009 and hear stories about numerous current and former Packers players and executives. I was also able to meet Packer Fan legends Saint Vince, Cheese Louise, and Steve the Owner at a pep rally in Seattle last week prior to this season's opening game against the Seahawks. Of course, there are the great memories from Super Bowls XXXI and XLV, but thankfully the Packers have won multiple titles in my lifetime and hopefully will win several more.

But when I look back at true experiences that I have had, playing flag football and scoring a touchdown at Camp Randall Stadium is right up at the top.

We encourage you to share your once-in-a-lifetime football experience in the comments. I'm sure that each of you has a remarkable story to tell - let's hear them!