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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 15, 2014

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In their week two win, the Packers got some key contributions from a few players who saw little action in week one.

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Christian Petersen

Ahh, now that's a better feeling after a game than we had a week ago. The Green Bay Packers completed a comeback win yesterday after being down 21-3 early on, and gave Aaron Rodgers his biggest comeback win as a professional football player.

He was helped out along the way by a number of people, including a Jets lineman who got ejected, a rookie receiver who began his breakout, and, perhaps unlikeliest of all, the Jets' offensive coordinator who called a rather untimely timeout.

In any case, it's a W, and the Packers moved to 1-1 on the season to pull even with the rest of the NFC North in a four-way tie. Here's what others are saying about yesterday's win.

Packers, Jets produce good kind of controversy |
Well, if Jets fans decide to be angry at the referees for the timeout, they should really be angry at Marty Mornhinweg for whatever his reasoning was for running down the sideline calling for it.

Packers' defense must prove it can sustain second-half effort | JSOnline
Immediately after the game, our Jason Hirschhorn noted on Twitter that the Packers struggled in their 4-3 in the first half, but were much more successful when sticking with the 3-4 in the second. Perhaps that is part of the reason for the success later on in the game.

House replaces Hayward in subpackages |
We noticed this as well - that Davon House was the first man on in the nickel and dime packages instead of Casey Hayward, which put Tramon Williams in the slot. House played very well in that role as well.

Green Bay Packers rookie Davante Adams makes his move - ESPN
Adams took a big step yesterday, and got his opportunities mostly after Jarrett Boykin dropped a pass in the first half. The rookie made a few key third-down conversions, which will certainly help him earn his quarterbacks' trust.

Raiders find a way to fumble twice, on the same play -
Oh, James Jones. Oh no.

Bears vs. 49ers final score: 3 things we learned in Chicago's comeback win -
Thanks a lot, Niners. The one time we want you guys to win...