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Packers Power Rankings: Green Bay slide back despite Week 2 win

The Green Bay Packers slide back for the second consecutive week in SB Nation's NFL power rankings.

Christian Petersen

During the NFL season, Tuesday morning becomes POWER RANKINGS DAY. Every publication worth a damn (and many more that aren't) release their weekly reordering of the best teams in professional football.

And in the eyes of many, the Packers are moving further away from the top. That includes the mothership, which moved them back two spots despite defeating the Jets this past Sunday. SB Nation didn't provide break down each individual team, but noted that the manner in which Green Bay won (an 18-point comeback) raised questions. For reference, the rest of the NFC North finished at 11 (Bears), 19 (Lions), and 20 (Vikings).

Other sites had their own issues ranking the Packers. Yahoo! Sports kept the Packers in the same spot (eight) they held the week before, remarking, "It's possible Jordy Nelson ends up this season as the NFL's best receiver." CBS Sports, meanwhile, dropped them to 10th from their former position within the Top 5. ESPN has yet to release their Week 2 ranks, but we'll include them after they post.

Jason Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as an SB Nation Newsdesk Contributor and writes for Sports on Earth.