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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 17, 2014

We look at one defensive player's resurgence and two receivers' hopes for this season in Wednesday's curds.

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Jamie Squire

Happy Wednesday, Green Bay Packers fans. Today marks our typical transition from one week to the next, as we wrap up our coverage of the Jets game and look ahead to the Lions next Sunday. Today's curds feature profiles on several individual Packers, including a pair of wideouts not named Jordy Nelson and two critical defensive players who have been getting used to more work in a 4-3 defense.

Oh, and we've also got plenty of foolishness at the bottom of the bag of curds today, including the best use of Super Mario Bros. music in recent memory. Enjoy!

What You Might've Missed: Mike Daniels buckles down |
Diesel definitely lived up to his expectations for himself against the Jets against both the run and the pass, and forced a critical interception with his hit on Geno Smith.

Randall Cobb carries work ethic of parents with him | JSOnline
Our hats are off to Cobb's parents, who set a good example for young Randall and helped him develop into the man he is today.

Davante Adams ready to make 'Leap' |
Adams should have plenty of opportunities in the next few games to make his first jump into the stands, especially if he keeps playing at the level he did on Sunday.

Clay-mation | ESPN Wisconsin
According to Jason Wilde, Matthews played no less than five different positions on Sunday: 3-4 outside linebacker, 4-3 strong, middle, and weak linebacker, and lined up in the slot as a cover man.

Chicago native Jabari Parker forced to wear Packers cheese hat -
Well done, Parker's Milwaukee Bucks teammates, well done.

Absurd Power Rankings: NFL defensive coordinators' babysitting ability -
Dom Capers ends up giving the Packers the 25th ranking in the league, thanks to the author's imagining of him in clown makeup.

Darren Sproles is infinitely better with 'Super Mario Bros.' music -
No further explanation needed. Click and enjoy.