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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 22, 2014

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The fallout from the Packers' embarrassing loss in Detroit continues.

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The Green Bay Packers put up their most abysmal offensive performance in years yesterday, as they lost to the Detroit Lions by a score of 19-7. There's plenty of blame to go around, and it certainly deserves to be shared among many people after yesterday's game.

We look at the offensive struggles and one possible way to try to alleviate them, and we find some harsh comments from players about their own performances as well.

McCarthy must get Rodgers going |
Like in 2007, the Packers' offense is moribund to start the season, which is inexcusable for a team with this much talent on that side of the ball. The pressure is on McCarthy to turn it around from a game-planning standpoint and on Rodgers to make the pinpoint throws he's capable of.

Rodgers says offense didn't adjust well to Lions' defensive scheme - JSOnline
Indeed - and everybody shares blame for it, from the coach down to rookie receivers.

Game notes: Randall Cobb candid about offense |
Cobb is hard on himself more than the rest of the offense, while Eddie Lacy takes himself to task for his early fumble.

Can't pin this loss on the Green Bay Packers' defense - ESPN
When your defense gives up 10 points, you should win the game. Period.

"Chips Report" from Packers Week 3 Loss at Lions | Cheesehead TV
Here's the wrap from Cheesehead TV - Peppers' strip-sack could have been a huge turning point, but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way.

What we learned Sunday in the NFL, Week 3: The wide open AFC -
Thankfully, the Packers' struggles weren't mentioned here. Instead, the Chargers', Bengals', and Cardinals' impressive starts are worthy of note.

The real rise of the 'offensive weapon' in the NFL -
The Packers used Cobb out of the backfield last week against the Jets, but I don't remember seeing any matchup-oriented use of him like this against the Lions. Unless he's playing hurt, we think Cobb should be seeing snaps in the slot, split wide, and in the backfield in every game.