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Packers power rankings: Green Bay vacates the Top 10

After their Week 3 loss in Detroit, the Packers are no longer in the Top 10 of SB Nation's power rankings.

Leon Halip

You knew it was coming. The Packers 19-7 loss over the weekend to the Detroit Lions was bound to send them tumbling down the power rankings. The only question was exactly how far they'd fall.

Over at the SB Nation mothership, the Packers slid back from 7 after Week 2 to the 16th spot this week. They now trail the Lions (12th overall) and the Chicago Bears (11th overall) in the division. Minnesota unsurprisingly is buried near the back, currently sitting at 26th.

That's more or less in step with the other power rankings around the internets. Pro Football Talk has Green Bay at 14, one spot behind the Bears and two behind the Lions. CBS Sports has them a little further back at 20. Yahoo! Sports possesses the most faith in the Packers, placing them at 10th overall. As always, ESPN is late on releasing their rankings. We'll have an update with their choices later.

UPDATE: ESPN ranks the Packers at 17th overall.

Jason Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as an SB Nation Newsdesk Contributor and writes for Sports on Earth.