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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 26, 2014

We look back to week 17 last year to remember how unlikely the winning drive really was.

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David Banks

Friday. Bears week. Sunday is almost here. Are you ready?

The most absurd game of the 2013 season is getting a lot of attention this week, due to Sunday's week four game being the first rematch of the Packers and Bears since the de facto division title game in week 17 last year. Because we can never get enough of it, here's the play that sealed the deal.


That play, and the plays leading up to it, are all still fresh in the minds of Packers and Bears players alike, as we look back one last time at that game to preview Sunday's contest.

Julius Peppers says John Kuhn ‘cost me my job’ |
This is one of the better quotes from a Packers player this year, as Peppers looks back on the touchdown shown above, his last play in a Bears uniform.

Cornerback Tramon Williams has record of success against Bears | JSOnline
Tramon hasn't recorded an interception in Chicago, but he has picked off Jay Cutler three times at Lambeau and has been very effective against the Bears' big receivers in his 14 games against the rivals.

From 'absolute chaos', a touchdown for the ages |
Who remembers John Kuhn's critical fourth-and-inches carry on that last drive against Chicago to keep the chains moving? Aaron Rodgers describes that play as "absolute chaos", and recounts the eventual touchdown pass he recorded after cramping up a few plays earlier.

Matthews says he "will be out there' | ESPN Wisconsin
That's big for the versatility of the Packers' defense, as they're unlikely to run as many 4-3 looks if Clay can't go.

Aaron Rodgers' R-E-L-A-X message loved by Green Bay Packers - ESPN
Alex Van Pelt is on board, and feels confident that the offense will get moving this week.

Breaking Madden: Teddy really oughta run that dang ball -
Friday curds means Thursday's Breaking Madden. Click if you want to see Teddy Bridgewater being forced to carry the football 100 times in one game.