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Week 4 NFL Late Games Thread

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Now that the Packers and Bears are finished, join APC to discuss the late games on the week 4 schedule.

Rich Schultz

With the Packers-Bears game complete, the late games in week four feature a few playoff caliber teams looking to separate themselves from the pack in their respective divisions. The NFC games should be somewhat more competitive than the one AFC game on the schedule, however, as Philly-San Francisco and New Orleans-Dallas should prove entertaining.

Here are the rest of the games that are going on in the late afternoon and Sunday evening.

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers

1:05 PM PT (3:05 CT)
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, California

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

3:25 PM CT
TCF Bank Stadium
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

1:25 PM PT (3:25 CT)
Levi's Stadium
Santa Clara, California

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

7:30 PM CT
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas