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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 3, 2014

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The NFL regular season kicks off tomorrow. Apparently, that means it's last call for trash talk.

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Just one more day.

Yes, one day is all that separates us from the official opening of the NFL season. That the opening game pits two championship contenders in their first regular season matchup since the infamous "Fail Mary" makes it all the sweater.

Speaking of which...

Lance Easley defends his 'Fail Mary' call | JSOnline

Ever wonder how Lance Easley found his way onto an NFL field? Well, his journey may have started with something like this:

For the record, I'd watch a Lance Easley talk show. Once.

On The Attack - The Seattle Seahawks And Green Bay Packers Set To Clash With Opposing Styles | Seattle PI

The view from this Seattle columnist is that the Packers and Seahawks have decidedly different attacks on offense. While the two teams do operate differently, they do share a lot of commonality in their ground games.

Bruce Irvin: 'I'm going to pray' for Packers rookie Corey Linsley | USA Today

Bruce Irvin's words amount to nothing more than garden variety trash talk. Doubtlessly, Corey Linsley is in for a difficult evening in Seattle, the first regular season of his career. However, he's played in his fair share of big games before as the centerpiece of a dominant Ohio State offensive line. He'll have his rookie hiccups, but it doesn't appear as though he's out of his depth in the NFL.

Packers have big plans with 'elephant' package | JSOnline

Green Bay gave only occasional glimpses of the four-man defensive front that included the so-called elephant end position. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers has yet to show his hand, but we expect to see a fair amount of this package when the Packers take on the defending champions tomorrow.

Wes Welker: "I'm as shocked as everyone" by four-game suspension | Denver Post

I'm actually happy that Wes Welker will miss the first four games of the 2014 season. That's not because of any problem I have with him or the Broncos but rather my fear that he needs more time to recover from his latest concussion.