Holmgren on last night's game

Mike Holmgren appears weekly on a local seattle sports radio station. He had four observations today on last night's game. In regards to the Packers he thought the special teams were awful, our punter was terrible, the game plan to give up half the field to Richard Sherman, and being unable or unwilling to do anything to support Sherrod after Bulaga went down all contributed to a Seahawks blow out win. Four reasons from the former Packers coach why the Pack got smoked.

Holmgren went on to praise Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, but he would not leave the special teams debacle rest. He said that as a coach the special teams poor play would drive him crazy. As a Packer fan in Seattle having to listen to the locals go on and on about how great the Seahawks are is getting more than old, but they looked like a super bowl team yesterday, and our team looked far from it.

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