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Packers Injury Updates: McCarthy Says Lacy and Bulaga Have a Chance to Play In Week 2

Mike McCarthy delivered some good news on the injury front in his press conference on Friday afternoon.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After all the frustration that was felt by Green Bay Packers fans last night when they saw two of their team's key players go down with injuries, we have been steadily getting better and better news about right tackle Bryan Bulaga and running back Eddie Lacy throughout the day.

First, we heard this afternoon that Bulaga's torn MCL is only a partial tear. But later on today, Mike McCarthy spoke to reporters and gave the fans even better news on both injured Packers. First up, here's his update on Bulaga:

This is great news, even if the team doctors aren't quite as optimistic as Bulaga himself at this point. Presumably, the team would want to see Bulaga practice fully by the end of the week before allowing him to play against the Jets next Sunday, but at least that appears to be a possibility at this point. That's a far cry from our fears last night that he might be out for the year yet again. Even if he's not ready by the week two game, it sounds like his recovery time should not be very long.

Of course, if Bulaga can't go, Derek Sherrod would be the backup and McCarthy is comfortable with that. He even gave Sherrod a pass for one of the sacks he allowed, saying it was an issue with the protection call at the line of scrimmage.

As for Eddie Lacy, McCarthy was optimistic about his availability against the Jets as well, as Lacy is already moving through the steps to return from a concussion:

That's great news, and if he continues progressing, Lacy could very well be part of the starting lineup again in nine days, with Bulaga potentially joining him.