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Jordy Nelson's Track Record Suggests He'll Remain Consistent for Packers in 2014

We were asked to identify a Packers player who should play at a consistently high level for the Packers this season, and we look to the guy who just signed a big new contract.

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As part of a partnership with GMC, we'll be addressing a question from NFL great Marshall Faulk each week during the 2014 season. Here is the Hall of Fame running back's question for us this weekend:

With one week in the books, it's easy to take the best performer from Thursday's game and pencil him in, but we're going in a slightly different direction. For the 2014 Packers, our vote is going to veteran wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

Consistency has been one of Nelson's strengths over the past few years. He has missed only four games due to injury in the past four years, and has been held without a reception just twice in that span. From 2011 through 2013, Nelson recorded approximately three receiving touchdowns for every four games that he had Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, and averages 4.7 catches for 76 yards.

While Nelson's touchdowns dropped off noticeably during Rodgers' time out with his collarbone injury last year, Nelson kept on producing between the 20s, averaging 4.5 receptions for 63 yards in the eight games that Rodgers spent on the shelf, proving that he does not necessarily need his elite chemistry with Rodgers to produce at a high level.

In Thursday's opening week matchup against the Seahawks, the coaching staff was dedicated to giving Nelson good matchups, keeping him away from Richard Sherman. While Nelson didn't break out for any big plays, he did end up with nine catches for 83 yards, which is both a respectable stat line and a sign that the team will continue trying to feed him the ball even against challenging defenses.

For those reasons, Nelson's durability and level of reliable production (even without number 12 throwing him the ball) make him our pick for the Packer who will play at the most consistent level all season long.

Who would be your pick for the Packer who will be most likely to produce at a consistently high level this season? Let us know in the comments.

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