Recap from Seattle Sports Media

Living in Seattle I have to continue to read and hear about how great the Seahawks are/were in dismantling the Packers. It is obnoxious, but some gems about the Packers do come out for Packer fans to digest. No end of criticism of why McCarthy would not throw in Sherman's direction, cutting off half the field, and playing into the hands of the Seahawks....

The one thing I did hear on John Clayton's local radio show that did give me pause was the stat that Marshawn Lynch got 15 hand offs between the tackles, and averaged 6.3 yards per carry. The Packers dumped Pickett and Jolly...big bodies, and will the smaller front three be able to handle anyone this season?

Clayton was asked why the Packers didn't go to four wideouts after Jeremy Lane went out with injury, and his response was that Sherrod was terrible, and the Packers did not dare go to four wideouts with the implication that Rodgers would have gotten killed by the Seahawk pass rush.

I know it is only one game, and the Seahawks looked very good, but some disturbing trends to be sure.

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