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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 9, 2014

One of the Packers' injured players will get some tests this week, while a young linebacker awaits the call to action.

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With Monday Night Football in the books, week one of the 2014 season is officially finished, and with that comes the official look ahead to week two. The Packers and Jets play at Lambeau Field this week, and the Green Bay defense will need a better performance against the run if they plan to keep the Jets off the scoreboard.

One big question revolves around the inside linebacker position and whether any personnel changes will be made; if the coaching staff does decide to play second-year linebacker Sam Barrington, you can rest assured he's ready.

We've got links on Barrington as well as Brandon Bostick's injury and much more in today's curds. Enjoy!

Packers defense isn’t playing blame game |
Micah Hyde wasn't happy with the defense's performance on Thursday, and he refuses to blame the coaches for it: "The coaches are trying to take the responsibility for it. But as a player, it’s definitely on us to go out there and compete against the other team, no matter what personnel they’re in, no matter what defense we’re in."

For Sam Barrington, it's 'a process' at linebacker - JSOnline
It sounds like Barrington is ready to go if called upon, but we won't know if Dom Capers will decide to use him and Jamari Lattimore until Sunday.

Xs and Os: Packers-Seahawks Film Study Review | Cheesehead TV
As always, Robert Olson does a great job breaking down some of the good and bad on film from Thursday.

Bostick to have leg evaluated Wednesday |
We'll await more news from Brandon Bostick's tests; if all goes well, he may still be able to return in time for Sunday's game against the Jets.

Corey Linsley admits Bruce Irvin briefly rattled him - ESPN
You wouldn't know it from the way he played on Thursday; that was an impressive performance by the rookie, and Packers fans (and the coaches) should be grateful that Linsley was able to shake off the trash talk.

Adam Schefter Is Fed Up With The NFL | Deadspin
This sums it up nicely - when NFL insider reporters are going on major news shows PO'ed about the Ray Rice situation, it's safe to say that the league screwed up royally.

Giants vs. Lions 2014 final score: 3 things we learned in the Lions' 35-14 win -
Well, they're not things we "learned" so much as "confirmed": Calvin Johnson is awesome, and that Giants offense is in trouble.