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Packers Power Rankings: Green Bay loses little ground after Week 1 loss

The Green Bay Packers only drop a few spots as a result of their 36-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Thursday.

Jonathan Ferrey

Power rankings! They're one of the most hotly debated weekly posts that don't actually mean a damn thing. Still, they're fun to toss around as a conversation starter, especially after the Packers dropped their first game of the year after a dominating performance by the Seahawks.

In SB Nation's official power rankings, Green Bay only moved down one spot, sticking in the Top 5. Here's what the mothership had to say in support of its position:

5. Green Bay Packers (4)

The Packers slide after dropping their opener to the Seahawks, but for now should still be considered among the NFC's elite group. Eddie Lacy's performance wasn't eye-popping statistically, but he ran with reckless abandon and according to ProFootballFocus' ratings, broke nine tackles on only 15 touches. Aaron Rodgers was stymied by the Legion of Boom and the Seattle pass rush, but history has shown that a sub-200-yard passing game will be few and far between for the potential MVP candidate.

So like many of us on the Acme Packing Company staff, the Seattle game is, as of now, something to toss out when evaluating the Packers. The Seahawks have made many great teams, the 49ers and Saints specifically, look like Pop Warner outfits at CenturyLink Field, so one bad game from Green Bay shouldn't overwhelm the analysis.

As for other sites, Yahoo! Sports also only dropped the Packers one spot, moving them from No. 7 to 8. Similarly, CBSSports kept the Packers more or less where they had been prior to Week 1 in their power rankings, while ESPN dropped them from 6th to 8th.

In a bit of a fascinating move, Pro Football Talk actually moved the Packers UP a notch from 4th to 3rd, saying, "They lost to the Seahawks by 20. Every other team ranked below them on this list would have lost in Seattle by more than 30."

Whether these rankings accurately depict the Packers or aren't even in the ballpark is up for each individual to decide. Go ahead and share your thoughts below in the comments.