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2015 Packers Roster Predictions: Three QBs make final roster for second straight year

If our prediction is correct, the Packers will keep a third quarterback out of training camp once again.

John Konstantaras/Getty Images

Over the next few weeks, we will break down each position on the Green Bay Packers' 2015 roster in detail, discussing each player and making our predictions for the final 53-man roster.

Having broken down the four quarterbacks currently on the Green Bay Packers' roster, we are ready to go on the record with our predictions for the players who will enter the 2015 regular season on the 53-man roster. These predictions were made by the APC writing staff as a whole, with nine writers submitting their individual projections and being compiled into a single master ranking.

The first position is one of the few that had a unanimous projection, as each of the nine of us had the same group of three quarterbacks on the team. If this comes true, 2015 would be the second straight year that the Packers keep three on the roster to start the year, as the trio of Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, and Scott Tolzien manned the position a year ago.

Starter: Aaron Rodgers

Duh. We don't feel the need to justify this one.

Backups: Scott Tolzien, Brett Hundley

First of all, let's address Hundley. Based solely on the draft capital used to select him this spring and his physical tools, Hundley should be on this team. We see no situation in which he is able to sneak through onto the practice squad if he is released, and even with a poor training camp there is too much athleticism and ability there that Mike McCarthy can work with for Ted Thompson to realistically think about cutting him.

Therefore, the roster battle, in our opinion, actually comes down to Tolzien vs. Matt Blanchard for the number two job. However, Tolzien, having two years' experience now in the Packers' offense, should comfortably hold off any potential challenge from Matt Blanchard. He has developed some chemistry with the receivers, a new throwing motion, and a good understanding of the scheme, and it would take a shocking upset for him to lose out on the number two job.

Coming up tomorrow: the running backs.