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Packers vs. Cowboys Reaction: "The game had everything I'm sure you wanted to see in a football game"

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy discusses his team's win in the Divisional Round over the Dallas Cowboys.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talked about his team's thrilling 26-21 win over the Dallas Cowboys after the game concluded. McCarthy touched on his quarterback's strong performance, his special teams unit and the leaping catch by Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant that was overturned

Here's a wrap-up of what he had to say:

Opening statement:

The game had everything I'm sure you wanted to see in a football game. The Dallas Cowboys are an outstanding team, well coached. Jason Garrett and his staff and players knew it was going to be a big challenge here today and that's exactly what it was. Defensively, I thought our guys played well. We started the game just the way we wanted, as far as running the ball.

Aaron (Rodgers) just did an incredible job in the spread, wide-open type offense that we went to. Great job there.

I thought our special teams covered well. We thought we had some return opportunities, we had two that put us in good field position.

Great playoff victory.

Did you see the Dez Bryant catch? Or did someone call it to your attention?

Well, it was fourth and two. We went empty pressure against them and Tony (Romo) checked it and went to the one-on-one matchup between Dez (Bryant) and Sam Shields over there on their boundary. Excellent throw, and really, a phenomenal catch to get himself in position to make that catch. But by rule, and you could see it on the Jumbotron, it gave you a good picture and I had plenty of time to look at it. I think I saw it three times before I threw the challenge flag. I just felt that when Dez caught the ball, and when the ball hit the ground ... he didn't complete the catch. I thought they made the right call.

That was such an impactful play, you have to challenge that.

Why do you think Aaron played much better down the stretch of the game?

Probably because I called better plays for him or something. If you look at the game, it was two different halves. Only had three series in the first half, heavy run, play-action pass. I just felt that once we opened things he was able to get into some rhythms and some throws and move around. He played like Aaron Rodgers, an incredible game, especially with what he's been through the last two weeks.

What did you think of his pin-point accuracy down the stretch of the game?

I thought he played huge today. Everybody wants to compare performances ... that's as good as it gets. In this stadium, with the condition of his calf, it's spectacular.

On getting contributions from Andrew Quarless and Davante Adams:

I tell you what, Andrew played big today. When he got his opportunities he made the most of 'em. Davante (Adams) was given some opportunities with his matchup, and he played big. To me, his touchdown was one of the biggest plays in the game. We needed that. We were kind of transitioning and I think that play really got us going.

On traveling to Seattle to face the Seahawks:

Looking forward on going back up to Seattle. Looking forward to winning the NFC championship.