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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 12, 2015

We spin around the Packers beat to look back at yesterday's playoff win.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was quite an intense afternoon. Has your blood pressure finally dropped yet?

I'm guessing Dez Bryant's hasn't, not after the replay challenge overturned his crucial catch on fourth and two late in yesterday's game between the Packers and Cowboys. That's the big topic of discussion nationwide after yesterday's games, but Packers fans of course recognize that there are far more factors that led to the final result than just that single play.

For example, a pair of rookies came up big when it mattered most, and Aaron Rodgers was able to work through his calf issues in the second half and put up a superb, MVP-caliber performance. Furthermore, Randall Cobb's crazy catch on a tipped pass to Jarrett Boykin sealed the deal and gave the Packers the win.

Here's your look at yesterday's game through the various eyes that covered the game.

Packers rookies show they can handle the big stage |
The rookie receivers, Davante Adams and Richard Rodgers, had some of the biggest catches of their lives yesterday, and earned the praise of their quarterback as well as a few other veterans.

Lacy, Cobb, Adams make Packers playoff history |
Fun fact - this is the first trio to each have over 100 yards from scrimmage in the same playoff game in Packers history, each earning between 111 and 118 yards yesterday.

Tentative before halftime, Aaron Rodgers turns terrific | JSOnline
The Packers QB talks about how he tested out his calf on Sunday. It was apparent that he wasn't right in the first half, when he missed a few open receivers, but in the second half he pushed himself to be more mobile and it paid off with a fantastic performance.

Eddie Lacy: Asthma shouldn't be an issue in Seattle | ESPN
This is good news for the Packers, who will absolutely need to establish the run next Sunday. Also fun from this article is a discussion of the "New York Bozo" audible that Rodgers shouted during the first half - that was a dummy call.

Cowboys had no answers for Aaron Rodgers - ESPN
The big factor in the second half was the play of the offensive line, who allowed just two pressures on Rodgers after halftime.

'I was due' | ESPN Wisconsin
That was Mike McCarthy's comment when told he was 0-for-4 on challenges this season. Obviously, he feels that the reversal on Dez Bryant's non-catch was the right call.

Refs (correctly) overturn Dez Bryant's incredible catch -
It was a heck of a play and an effort by the Cowboys receiver, and I think just about any unbiased person thinks that it probably should be a catch, but it doesn't matter. The rulebook is clear, and the reversal was the right call according to the rule. On a secondary note, how many times is Bryant going to be allowed to run onto the field without a helmet before he's finally penalized?

"Chips Report" from Packers Divisional Round Win vs. Cowboys | Cheesehead TV
It should be no surprise who gets the blue chips this week.

What Cowboys fans are saying after the loss to the Packers - 620 WTMJ
If you want a little extra schadenfreude with lots of spelling errors thrown in, check this one out.