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Packers Injury Report: Aaron Rodgers is Probable and "On Schedule"

The Packers' head coach addressed injuries and his team's preparation in his Friday press conference and is confident in his injured quarterback's progression with his calf injury.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers' injury report has been announced for Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Seattle Seahawks, and to nobody's surprise, it features four players listed simply as Probable. According to head coach Mike McCarthy, the players mentioned on the report appear to be in good shape and he expects all of them to play on Sunday.

Here's the full report:

Packers Injury Report


DE Josh Boyd (ankle)
RB Eddie Lacy (knee)
QB Aaron Rodgers (calf)
G Josh Sitton (toe)

In his Friday press conference, McCarthy addressed a number of questions relating to the team's preparation for Sunday's game, their travel plans, the first matchup between the two teams in week one, and the impact of the team's leadership. Here are a few snippets from his presser.

First, McCarthy addressed his two injured stars at quarterback and running back:

Aaron Rodgers is getting ready to play. He looks good ... everything is on schedule ... Eddie Lacy looks good to me walking in and out of meetings.

McCarthy then discussed the team's energy level and early travel plans:

Lot of energy, that's something that builds as your confidence builds as a football team. It's important to keep your process the same. The schedule today is a little different ... you try to keep on the same type of flow you go through every week.

On the leadership of one of the offensive linemen:

T.J. Lang, he's big for us , not only on the field but in the locker room ... he's a man's man, he's always gone about it the right way.

On the "Quad" package not working during the first Seattle game, McCarthy was defensive and insistent that the Quad was not a revolutionary change to the defense that failed:

Quad is a personnel group. We all understand you put a group of personnel on the field, and run a group of concepts ... the fact that we used it as much as we did and no longer use it, the fact of the matter is we're one player different or two players different ... that direction, going back to the offseason, was about moving Clay around. We put him out there in an OLB in 4-3 concepts, now he's in an inside position.

On Packers' ability to avoid turnovers:

Could be good coaching, (laughs) I don't go to the other practices, that's for you to write about.

On whether the players know how rare a conference championship game can be:

Everybody identifies how important this game is. This is smething you start talking about back in April. I'm a fan of real drama ... the made-up stuff I'm not a fan of.

When discussing preparing differently for games when schedules are affected, McCarthy broke out a little extra sarcasm:

Definitely, I think it's important to behave the way you always are ... (on being different in the opening game:) game one is a difficult game to play in. You've got unscouted looks, the "Quad" package didn't work, high drama!

Finally, on Seahawks' GM and former Packers exec John Schneider:

Professional, he's very good at what he does. He's experienced ... has a vision, he's able to deliver on the vision. He's creative, hard-working.