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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 20, 2015

The Packers cleaned out their lockers on Monday and are still fuming over giving away a trip to Super Bowl XLIX.

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If you think that the pain of Sunday's loss might have worn off by Monday afternoon, dream on. The Packers were back in Green Bay and talked to the media for the final time this year as they cleaned up their equipment. The themes, by and large, were pain, anger, frustration, and massive disappointment, as you might expect.

Today's cheese curds cover some of those comments, but also include a takedown of overly conservative coaching that was a contributing factor to the loss.

Normally I'd say "enjoy," but today I'll just say click around and be informed.

Mike McCarthy should get plenty of blame for Packers loss | JSOnline
It seems like it's not often that you see a Packers beat writer take the head coach to task, but that's exactly what Tyler Dunne did here. Frankly, the passive attitude gets more frustrating as the hours tick by.

Packers believe they were the better team |
Several Packers players spoke to the media as they cleaned out their lockers on Monday, using words like "nightmare," "blindsided," and "a waste."

Brandon Bostick: 'Trying to deal with this' - ESPN
Give Bostick some respect here - it would have been easier to avoid talking to the media, but he talked to them after the game at his locker and on Monday as well and is taking full responsibility for his mistake.

'We just have to see what happens' | ESPN Wisconsin
Guard Josh Sitton says "This team, I don’t think we can be this good for a while. It’s going to be tough, anyway." Still, there's a good chance that the Packers will end up with over $30 million in salary cap space after making a few moves, and they should be able to bring back several key players who are free agents-to-be.

Amid wave of errors, Burnett slide was correct play |
Here's an argument that Morgan Burnett did the right thing, and it's true that it would have likely looked that way if not for all the errors and problems that compounded it as the game wound down.

Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy gets heartwarming text messages from mom - ESPN
Sometimes moms just know exactly what to say.

2015 Senior Bowl preview: Every storyline to follow during practices this week -
Since we are in offseason mode now, let's take a look at a few intriguing prospects who are participating in this weekend's Senior Bowl.