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Packers Free Agency 2015: Davon House isn't a "money-hungry guy"

Whether or not cornerback Davon House will be brought back remains a question for the Packers heading into the offseason.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Davon House is one of the 16 unrestricted free agents for the Green Bay Packers heading into the offseason. A fourth-round draft choice in 2011, House has steadily improved his play over his four years with the Green and Gold after once being buried on the Packers' cornerback depth-chart before being moved up to a third-stringer.

Even in that role, he believes he's shown enough not only to general manager Ted Thompson, but everyone watching that he can take over as a permanent starter in the NFL.

"I think everyone in this locker room wants to start." House said Monday afternoon as Packers players cleaned their lockers.

"I think I showed enough to the people upstairs that I am worthy enough to be on this team for the next couple years or what not. I just hope they see the same thing."

With the Packers, House has been stirred into the winning culture in Green Bay. He went to an NFC Championship for the first time in his career this past Sunday, and has made the postseason with the team all four years. When it comes to deciding his future, continuing that success of being in a winner culture plays a significant role.

"It's big. I've never been a hungry-money guy." House said. "To me, life is more than just money. I value so many other things: (a) team, family, (and) most importantly God."

Thompson and the Packers will have a decision to make on House in the coming weeks. Starter Tramon Williams is also an unrestricted free agent, making it even tougher for the 25-year-old to remain with the team if they wish to bring back the eight-year veteran instead.

"I don't want to play no where else, but at the same time, if things don't work out here I just know it's a business side of things. I'm sure everybody in here wants to be a Packer forever, but the reality is, it's not going to happen."

After battling injuries his first two seasons in the league, playing only just 11 of 34 games, House rebounded the last two, playing in all 16 games last season and 13 this year. Even in just a limited third-string role, he's been able to show the skills to make him capable enough to compete for a starting job for a cornerback-needy team. House even mentioned during training camp that he spent time in offseason with New England Patriots All-Pro Darrelle Revis.

At one point this season, opposing quarterbacks had a 69.5 passer rating when targeting House, according to Pro Football Focus. They also only completed a mere 46.3 percent of their passes as well. Both marks were better than Williams and Sam Shields, who started above him. Williams is in the final year of a four-year,$33 million extension he recieved in 2010, while Shields just finished up the first of a four-year, $39 million deal he signed last summer.

A chance at a starting job still won't force his hand, though.

"I really don't know," House explained. "I really haven't looked at it like that. Like I said, talking with my wife and just praying a lot, my heart's been telling me here (Green Bay). I don't want to play anywhere else, but it's business.

"I don't know to tell you the truth, I've never really been through this process so we'll see what happens."