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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 29, 2015

Where the only way to watch the Super Bowl is Breaking Madden-style.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Thursday of Super Bowl week. Media Day is finally over, and instead we can be entertained with the season finale of Breaking Madden. It's pretty great, you should check it out.

In Green Bay, however, Mike McCarthy's season-ending press conference is making for some stirring discussion, with topics including the position of a certain linebacker and the job status of a certain special teams coordinator.

Those subjects and far more can be found in today's curds below. Enjoy!

Slocum's fate should be decided by next week |
For those of you clamoring for his head, here's a look at how the Packers' evaluation schedule will go for the coaching staff.

A look back at the Packers' 2014 season |
The Packers put out their "Dope Sheet" for the 2014 season as a whole, running down a whole slew of relevant stats, records, and other interesting notes.

Chad Morton's insight pays off against Packers | JSOnline
Remember former Packers special teams assistant Chad Morton, who was fired after last season? He coaches for the Seahawks now, and likely was part of the reason for Seattle's special teams success, especially on the fake field goal.

Packers still view Clay Matthews as an OLB - ESPN
Mike McCarthy and Clay Matthews' comments about his late-game injury issues are here, but this piece also takes a closer look at McCarthy's statements about Clay's position.

The missing pieces: How many players away from the Super Bowl was each team? | ESPN
See how far away Pro Football Focus thinks the Packers are from winning a Super Bowl. They officially rank Green Bay as needing just two more good-to-elite players.

Jeremy Lane Thinks Randall Cobb Is a Good Player, Unlike Rob Gronkowski Apparently | Cheesehead TV
Well there you go. Cobb > Gronk.

Colts have $4M in fines for infractions, most in NFL | Indy Star
The Packers weren't on the top ten in fines - in fact, they were one of the least-penalized teams in the league, being dinged for just under $100,000 total.

Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl -
What happens when a team of 5-foot-tall Seahawks take on a squad of 400-pound Patriots? The Breaking Madden finale finds out.