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2015 Super Bowl Prop Bets Contest

Join APC for our first Prop Bet contest! The winner gets...well, nothing, but enter anyway!

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Every year, Las Vegas has numerous prop bets for the Super Bowl, from the National Anthem to the game's MVP to the color of the Gatorade that gets thrown on the winning coach. This year, we at Acme Packing Company decided to get in on the game.

For this year's game between the Seahawks and Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, we're running our own Prop Bet contest, using many of the props that are announced by Bovada's sports book. If you wish to enter, fill out the form below, and make sure to submit your entry before kickoff.


There are no prizes for the game at this time, as we are just doing it as an excuse to have a little extra fun with the game. Let's face it, many of us Packers fans don't care for either of these teams, so let's enjoy what we can.

Each item will assume that you are placing a 100 "point" bet, and uses odds that are roughly those specified by Bovada on Saturday, January 31st, at 12 Noon Central time. The numbers given in parentheses are what you will earn for a correct answer. Following the game, we will total up all results and announce the winner.

Enjoy, and good luck!