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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 7, 2014

Mister Rodgers breaks down the perfect deep throw, while we get a look at the All-Pro fullback's various contributions to the Packers this season.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

How many times this season have we watched Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers drop back and take that big step into a deep throw? Personally, I hold my breath on every one until I see the camera pan 50 yards forward to find the intended receiver, then more often than not I'm shouting in joy as a receiver (usually Jordy Nelson) hauls in the football.

Well, if you've wondered how Rodgers has mastered those deep passes, wonder no more, as one of today's curds features the QB discussing the perfect deep ball.

We've got that and much more in this morning's curds.

What You Might've Missed: 'Kuuuuuuuuhn!!' |
Mike Spofford breaks down the play of the First-Team All-Pro fullback, John Kuhn, with an emphasis on his blocking.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talks the art of the deep ball | ESPN
This longform piece has a bunch of phenomenal features, from Rodgers discussing how to throw a deep ball to diagramming one of his best, to breaking down his stats on deep passes.

Rodgers on re-injuring calf: "if it happens, it happens" | ESPN Wisconsin
He is aware of the injury, obviously, and knows that defenses will be aware of it as well. However, Rodgers does not sound concerned about how many reps he gets in practice - stay tuned, as we'll likely get a slight update from McCarthy this afternoon.

What advantage do Packers really have in cold? |
There's both a physiological and psychological impact on people who spend time in cold weather, and that's on top of the Packers' already-stellar performance at home this season.

Packers counting on Sam Barrington to be this season's surprise | JSOnline
The names Bruce Wilkerson and James Starks are mentioned here, as the Packers hope that Barrington will be the defensive equivalent to those players who fueled Green Bay's recent Super Bowl runs.

3 Green Bay Packers Coordinators, 3 Questions: Preparing for Dallas Cowboys matchup | FOX Sports Wisconsin
That said, Tom Clements isn't necessarily expecting that the cold will give the Packers an advantage, saying only that "We may be used to it a little bit more than them but that's certainly not something we're relying on."

7 plays that swung momentum more than the overturned PI call in Lions-Cowboys game -
Sure, be mad about the the overturned pass interference call in the game Sunday if you're a Lions fan. Same some hate for these plays, though, which had nothing to do with the officiating.

Scot McCloughan to become Washington's new general manager, according to reports -
If that name sounds familiar, it's no coincidence - McCloughan was a disciple of Ron Wolf, spending time in the Packers' front office in the 1990s.

Running back Kahlil Bell spent three weeks as a Packer last season, and has spent this season trying to earn another NFL job. Take a look at this short documentary about his efforts to return to the league.