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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 9, 2015

The offensive line is featured prominently today, both in its current form and with a look back at a few players from the great lines of the early 2000s.

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Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

For the second half of the 2014 NFL season, comparisons have been made between the current Packers offensive line and the version from 2003 that is so highly regarded in recent team history. Today, we'll get a look at both versions in Cheese Curds, with one piece on the dynamic and interactions between the current line and another looking at a pair of players from a decade ago who are learning to live without football.

In addition, today's curds feature the return of Breaking Madden in Packers form. Here's hoping we see Eddie Lacy churn up yards and broken tackles against the Cowboys like Clarence BEEFTANK does in video game form. Enjoy!

Packers defense seeks its peak |
Leading rusher? Top-rated passer? Most touchdown catches this season? The Packers' defense thinks it's up to the challenges.

Healthy defense gives Capers options in playoffs |
This is a big reason for that confidence - the key players on the defense are all available and all at full strength (or as close as you can get for this point in the season).

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman love the Packers. Really. | JSOnline
And they'll tell you, even if you won't believe them.

The Men Who Protect the Man | Grantland
Yesterday we read a breakdown of Mike McCarthy and Aaron we get interviews with the Packers' offensive line. According to rookie center Corey Linsley, each of the five starters appear to fit into specific personality roles, with Linsley himself as the "meathead."

Finding their way | ESPN Wisconsin
Then there's the Packers' great 2003 offensive line. Guard Marco Rivera and center Mike Flanagan went through the post-football withdrawal that many players experience, but are in better places now. Check out this great piece on those two from Jason Wilde.

Will Dallas Cowboys blitz Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers? - ESPN
By now, you (and opposing defensive coordinators) know how Aaron Rodgers carves up defenses that blitz him...but with his mobility limited, expect Rod Marinelli to test him.

Breaking Madden: The quest for 18,356 rushing yards in one game -
"There are no demons left in Hell. They are all in Lambeau Field." And they all wear green and gold.