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Keep Playing Fantasy Football in the NFL Playoffs and get a 100% Deposit Bonus

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

For the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend, SB Nation is once again hosting an exclusive FanDuel league for readers of the various blogs in the network. It's a $5 entry, and the league is giving out $1,000 in prizes, including a $100 purse for the top spot.

Unlike last week, the Packers' players are available for your use this week. Feeling good about Aaron Rodgers' calf or Eddie Lacy's chances against the Cowboys' defense? I don't blame you - that matchup is tantalizing, especially at Lambeau Field. As always, finding the big performances from unexpected places is critical; who's it going to be this week?

The rules are the same as other FanDuel games; you have a salary cap of $60,000 and need to use it on a quarterback, two running backs, three wideouts, and one each from the tight end, kicker, and defensive spots.

Click here to get entered in this week's contest. Since the league is capped at 220 total entries, it will fill up quickly, so don't delay.