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Packers Throwback Jersey: New 'Classic' uniforms on display in week 6 vs. Chargers

Just a reminder: the Green and Gold won't be wearing Green and Gold this weekend.


On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers will don their new throwback uniforms for the first time as the team hosts the San Diego Chargers at Lambeau Field.

The jerseys can be seen above and consist of a dark blue body with a yellow yoke on the shoulders, yellow numbers, blue lettering, tan pants, and blue socks. The Packers revealed the jerseys, which they are calling the "Classic" versions, at the team's Shareholders' Meeting back in July:

This uniform set, which channels both the team's 1937-49 uniforms as well as a throwback version worn in 1994, replaces the old "billiard ball" jerseys, which simulated the Acme Packers' jerseys from the 1929 season.

Due to the NFL's rules about players wearing the same helmet for every game, the Packers will be wearing their classic yellow helmets. However, the team has elected not to replace the green facemasks with a gray or blue version, and so that accent on the helmet will not match the rest of the uniform.

These jerseys are available at the Packers Pro Shop, which also features a number of other apparel items inspired by the Classic uniform.