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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 16, 2015

A banged-up Eddie Lacy and some odd playcalling have stalled Green Bay's rushing attack lately, and quite possible the offense as a whole.

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As the Green Bay Packers approach Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers, they will need to figure out their struggling offense, which has slowed down considerably over the past two weeks. The reason for this is very much in question, but in today's curds we find a few suggestions that relate to the run game - one being the health of a key player and the other being playcalling questions.

But while the offense is struggling, the defense is not, at least not when it comes to getting to the quarterback. It's no surprise that pass rush is the defense's primary focus, and the unit is getting to the quarterback at rates that are unprecedented in the team's measured history.

Green Bay DC Dom Capers focuses on making quarterbacks uncomfortable | Football by Football
Former Packer Brady Poppinga discusses Capers' philosophy, which is very much what we believed here at APC - focus on messing with the quarterback first, and success will trickle down to the other aspects of the defense.

Could this be Packers' best pass rush ever? |
Team sacks were only first recorded in 1963, while individuals started receiving credit in 1982. But since those years, yes, the 2015 Packers are on pace to break some team records.

Packers running back Eddie Lacy practicing with less tape |
That tape could be a reason why Lacy hasn't produced particularly well in recent weeks, as it limits his ability to make sharp cuts.

The Packers Need to Focus on the Run Game | Cheesehead TV
Here's another reason, though: the Packers are among the heaviest-running teams in the NFL overall, but they have flipped that script over the past two games and are throwing the ball almost 70 percent of the time when not trying to run out the clock.

When free plays turn costly for Green Bay Packers - ESPN
Corey Linsley hasn't made many mistakes this year, but he owned up to one that led directly to a turnover on Sunday - mistaking movement by a defensive lineman for a jump offsides, snapping the ball early, and messing with David Bakhtiari's timing, which led to a forced fumble.

The Film Room: Todd Gurley And Tavon Austin Put On A Show - Battle Red Blog
Our Houston Texans blog broke down some of the film from the Packers-Rams game to show how St. Louis is effectively using their offensive weapons (and also to heap a bunch of blame on Jared Cook for killing their offense).

Breaking Madden: Ryan Tannehill is banished to Tannehell -
Oh my goodness.