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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 20, 2015

The Green Bay offense has been limited as to the variety of personnel groupings they can use in recent weeks; we hope that a bye week will help get the unit back to full strength.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers' offense has been largely predictable in their formations this year. Injuries have made that even more clear, and have limited even further the experience of the players lining up around Aaron Rodgers.

Thankfully, a bye week should help the offense get back to a more functional and less-predictable state for two reasons. The first is, of course, getting players healthy with a week of rest. The second is the week off that the head coach and his staff will have to come up with some creative alignments and ways of using their talented but raw playmakers.

We have all that and more in today's Curds below.

Did Rivers prepare Packers for what's ahead? |
The red zone stops were huge, but the Chargers may have just written the blueprint on how to move the ball against the Packers' defense. Then again, executing that is easier said than done.

Green Bay Packers want running back Eddie Lacy to rest during bye week - ESPN
Apparently Lacy's weight is not a problem, according to Mike McCarthy, but it's clear that the running back is not 100%. Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett is confident that he'll return from the bye rejuvenated and ready to go.

Rodgers adjusting to being short-handed |
It was a skeleton crew out there at receiver for the Packers on Sunday. Just look at the players used on this third-down snap in the red zone:

Personnel Grouping

Injuries slowing down Mike McCarthy's offensive attack |
On that note, the Packers would have used Ty Montgomery out of the backfield more if he had stayed healthy on Sunday. Mike McCarthy has a big challenge ahead during the bye week in trying to come up with some creative ways to use his players.

Best Players At Every Position | NFL Week 6 | PFF
T.J. Lang makes the list at guard, though it seems that Mike Pennel and Mike Daniels just barely missed the cut for defensive tackles.

Not the even the Cardinals can figure out the Cardinals -
There's a lot of time between now and the Packers' week 16 game in Arizona, but the Cardinals are going through quite the identity crisis after a home loss to Pittsburgh, who had their third-string quarterback playing for most of the game.