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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 21, 2015

Green Bay's wideouts are in the news today for a variety of different reasons.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Though his shoulder injury has slowed him down, Randall Cobb is still one of the top slot receivers in the NFL. Meanwhile, James Jones is not harboring any ill will towards the Green Bay Packers, despite apparently receiving a contract offer after the 2013 season that was so low his agent wouldn't even show him.

The Packers veteran receivers are in the news today, as even Jordy Nelson has a curd that involves him (though, unfortunately, it's his torn ACL that brings him into the news today). Check out pieces in today's curds about all three of them, plus a look back at some unexpected events in the early portion of the season and some more news about the most ridiculous play of week six.

McCarthy returns to honor his roots |
It's interesting that Mike McCarthy's hometown of Pittsburgh issued a "Mike McCarthy Day" proclamation, despite his Packers defeating the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

Six surprises so far in Packers' season |
The Packers' improved special teams and the re-acquisition of linebacker Joe Thomas are among the big surprises early on.

James Jones runs a perfect comeback route to Packers
Go ahead and groan at the cheesy headline, but Lori Nickel's story on Jones' return to Green Bay is a good one. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit there is that his agent wouldn't even tell him how much the Packers offered him after the 2013 season, just saying that he needed to take the Raiders' offer.

Ranking the most banged-up NFL teams from 1-32 |
Including the starts that will be missed from players on injured reserve, the Packers lead the league in most games missed by starters with a whopping 78 - and that's 13 more than the next-closest team, the Steelers.

Top 10 NFL Slot Receivers | Week 7 | Pro Football Focus
Randall Cobb is still in the top 5 at his position, but he trails behind a few veteran names in terms of their slot production.

The Colts' explanation for their botched trick play somehow makes it seem even stupider -
Now, it makes sense as to why this play was such a colossal mess and why it was most definitely the coaching staff's fault. Why would you institute a wrinkle into a trick play, then still run it when the person responsible for that wrinkle gets injured and replaced by someone who hadn't practiced it?

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