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NBC Sports profiles former Packers coach Mike Sherman's high school football team

About ten years removed from coaching the Packers, Mike Sherman is in charge of a high school team in his home state.

Mike Sherman has had a fascinating tenure as a football coach. After spending several years as an offensive line coach for a few colleges, he had an incredibly quick ascent through the NFL coaching ranks, spending just three years as an NFL assistant before being given the Green Bay Packers' head coaching job in 2000.

Sherman then spent six years as Packers coach, serving as General Manager for four years during that time. The Packers earned four playoff berths under Sherman, but failed to advance past the Divisional round.

Since 2005, Sherman has had a few NFL coordinator jobs and a four-year stint as head coach at Texas A&M, but he has now found himself as the head coach of Nauset Regional High School in Massachusetts. That's where NBC Sports caught up with him this fall.

Check out the trailer for their series called "Sherman's Warriors":

Two episodes have been released so far, with a third coming on Friday. Check them all out here at NBC Sports Live Extra.