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We need to talk about James Jones' outfit

The Packers have arrived in San Francisco and there's some things going on with that are worth a look.

James Jones is good at football.

Less than a month ago, this was a statement many - including NFL teams - couldn't (or wouldn't) definitively say. Now back from the abyss of NFL hell (Oakland) and with his old team again, James Jones is back doing James Jones things - making tough catches, scoring touchdowns, and generally being a pretty awesome guy on the sidelines for the Green Bay Packers.

But, um, guys? James Jones might be bad at fashion:

No scratch that. James Jones is bad at fashion. As the Internet's foremost authority on style, we feel confident saying that Jones' attire worn to San Francisco is just a hot mess. James Jones' style is the Jay Cutler of style - just one bad decision after another. It'd be one thing if Jones was like Russell Westbrook who consistently showed up for games wearing stuff that looks like it came from Hello Kitty starter kit, but no. James Jones has always struck me as a pretty straight-laced guy.

This outfit is not straight laced. In fact, this outfit is bad. James Jones is essentially wearing a vertical mullet. All business up top, and a sixer of Keystone Lite below. We really like you James Jones. You've made incredible plays and have kind of saved the offense this season. But chill on the camo, dude.