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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 5, 2015

This isn't the same old Packers team that's reliant solely on Aaron Rodgers' arm.

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The Green Bay Packers were, at one time, a team built on three things: wide receiver depth, a defense that had to force turnovers to succeed, and of course Aaron Rodgers. The 2015 version of this team is a drastically different unit, and though the depth and the quarterback remain, there are many more reasons to be excited about this squad.

One reason is the massively successful return of James Jones. Although he failed to find the end zone for the first time this season in week four, he did lead the Packers in receiving and made the kind of catch that will help people forget about Jordy Nelson's absence. Check out more on Jones, and much more on the rest of the Packers in today's curds.

Aaron Rodgers' showing rescues Packers' offensive line |
He was sacked three times by the 49ers defense, but probably should have been taken down far more, based on the protection (or lack thereof) that he was given. He may need to do much of the same next week, with the great Rams' line coming to town.

Packers building new identity |
This Packers squad looks drastically different than the one that started 13-0 in 2011. This team appears to have a stout, playmaking defense, a mostly solid offensive line, and a very effective running game.

Packers show why they're the team to beat in the NFC |
It was not a particularly pretty game, but it came on a short week and after a long flight West. It's a good day any day when you can win a game like that by two scores while not playing nearly your best football on offense

James Jones just keeps making plays for Packers |
His pretty tip-toe catch along the left sideline was reminiscent of the kind of play Jordy Nelson has made repeatedly over the past few years.

Adams plans smart, wait-and-see approach to comeback | ESPN Wisconsin
So far, the Packers receiver hasn't been needed quite as much as expected, thanks in large part to Jones' return. At this point, it is probably best for both Adams and the team that he return to 100% before trying to get back on the field.

"Go Pack Go" | Streamable
It's always fun to hear the chant echoing off the walls of another team's stadium.

NFL kickers are having a terrible Week 4 -
Mason Crosby did miss a 44-yard attempt, but that wasn't anywhere near the most disappointing miss of the week.