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Rams-Packers Injury Report: Bulaga, Burnett, Adams Questionable for Week 5

We'll likely have another injury update on Saturday, but for now don't expect the Packers' strong safety or their second-year wide receiver to suit up.

"Will you play on Sunday, Bryan?" "Hmm. Well, I'm not sure yet..."
"Will you play on Sunday, Bryan?" "Hmm. Well, I'm not sure yet..."
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's funny how a "questionable" tag on a Friday injury report can mean such drastically different things for different players.

In the Green Bay Packers' injury report for week five, the team listed four players as Questionable. For offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, that status is a sign that his recovery from a sprained MCL is ahead of schedule. For safety Morgan Burnett and receiver Davante Adams, however, it is more of a disappointment, as both players failed to practice all week long and seem unlikely to play on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Burnett would be missed once again, as the Packers face yet another impressive young running back. Todd Gurley of the Rams is fresh off a 19-carry, 146-yard performance last week in Arizona, and the Packers would certainly benefit from having their most physical safety able to help out in run support.

Here's the full report for the Packers, and be sure to check out the report from earlier this afternoon regarding Sean Richardson's potentially career-threatening neck injury.

Packers Injury Report


WR Randall Cobb (shoulder)
OLB Jayrone Elliott (quad)
WR James Jones (hamstring)
LB Clay Matthews (quad)


WR Davante Adams (ankle)
OT Bryan Bulaga (knee)
S Morgan Burnett
CB Demetri Goodson (hamstring)


ILB Jake Ryan (hamstring)


S Sean Richardson (neck)

The Rams are not without their own injury issues, though their quantity and severity are not at the Packers' level. Starting outside linebacker Alec Ogletree will miss the game, but no other starters appear in danger of missing the game.

Rams Injury Report


WR Kenny Britt (knee)
DE Robert Quinn (not injury related)
RB Chase Reynolds (knee)


DE Eugene Sims (knee)


S Maurice Alexander (groin)


LB Alec Ogletree (ankle)