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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 10, 2015

The have identified the two keys to turning around their moribund offense. Unfortunately, they're broad issues, and quick fixes don't exactly exist.

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Are you tired of seeing Aaron Rodgers end up with a face full of grass? You're not alone.

The Green Bay Packers' coaching staff and offensive line have made it clear that the performance of the pass blockers has not been acceptable over the last several weeks, and that it is one of the primary reasons why the offense has struggled so much in that time. Now, saying that it's not acceptable is not enough - they need to turn around their play, and they need to do it quickly.

In addition, the Packers' running game hasn't been doing the offense any favors, consistently putting them in second- and third-and-long situations. They need to get better at picking up 4-5 yards on first down to put the team in more favorable down-and-distances.

McCarthy points to two fixes on offense |
We discussed the two points above. They're not earth-shattering revelations, but they need to get fixed, and fast.

Green Bay Packers searching for solution to Eddie Lacy's struggles - ESPN
Here's a look at McCarthy's first point. Apparently Lacy's injury was not limited in Monday's workout session, and Tom Clements says he doesn't have a reason for Lacy's lack of production. Could it be as simple as giving him the 18+ carries per game that he got in the second half of last season?.

Packers' offensive line crumbles under pressure |
And look, here's the second! The line and extra blockers failed to communicate effectively through much of the game on Sunday, and it seemed that there was at least one missed block on just about every play.

Worst Players at Every Position | NFL Week 9 | PFF
John Kuhn and Tim Masthay make this week's list. Masthay's struggles were frustrating, since he hit three punts of more than 50 yards but also added a 26-yard shank and a poor 28-yarder as well.

Best Players at Every Position | NFL Week 9 | PFF
There was at least some good news this week, though. Josh Sitton and Morgan Burnett both played well.

Cam Newton Vs. The Packers Banner Has A Happy Ending | Deadspin
The entire banner thing is dumb, but the Panthers' players reactions to it was pretty funny. Also nice: the Panthers will reach out to the people who had the banner in the first place. Now everybody can stop being dumb about this whole thing.

When Packers Considered Putting Dome On Lambeau | ThePostGame
Thankfully, it wasn't feasible. This possibility was only explored in the early 1980s, before Bob Harlan started running the show - Harlan said that "to do that to Lambeau Field would be a sin."

Chicago inches past San Diego, 22-19, in another Monday night thriller -
BOOOOOO. The Bears now sit at 3-5 and though they're unlikely to make a run at the NFC North, they're making that Thanksgiving night game seem like much less of a sure thing.