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Packers 2015 Midseason Awards: Offensive MVP

It's no surprise who we picked as our MVP of the first half on offense, but who should be the second option?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This week, Acme Packing Company will look back at the first half of the Green Bay Packers' 2015 season to identify the most outstanding players in a variety of categories. First up, we will break down our choices for Offensive Most Valuable Player.

Four APC writers contributed to our rankings by listing our top three options for each award. We assigned points as follows: 3 points for first-place vote, 2 points for second-place vote, 1 point for third-place vote. You'll see the number of points next to each player's name.

Without further ado, here are our rankings for Packers' offensive MVP for the first half of 2015.

Aaron Rodgers (12 points)

Any time you have the reigning NFL MVP and he comes back with 19 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions in 8 games, he's likely to be the choice. And while admittedly he hasn't been playing his best football over the past few games, his escape act against Carolina's pass rush and near-comeback during the fourth quarter reminded us of what he is capable of after a few rough games. Rodgers remains the key to this offense and will be nearly impossible to usurp for this award when he's healthy.

James Jones (6)

Who would have thought that our second-place option for offensive MVP wouldn't have been on the roster until the day after final cuts? Jones' big plays early on in the season have him in the team lead in a few key receiving categories, including yards, TDs, and yards per reception. Aside from Rodgers, he was the only one to appear on all four ballots.

James Starks (3)

Starks earned a tie for the third spot by virtue of his big performances in relief of starter Eddie Lacy. Despite the offense's struggles with him in the lineup and producing relatively well, imagine if the team had a less reliable or explosive second option at running back behind Eddie Lacy. It's not a pretty thought.

Randall Cobb (3)

With Jordy Nelson out, Cobb has been Rodgers' favorite target, which should come as no surprise. Even while battling a shoulder injury and struggling getting separation from defensive backs, he is on pace for 80 catches, 10 touchdowns, and almost 1,000 yards.


There you have it - our votes for the Packers' offensive MVP. We're assuming that Rodgers would take the award for all of the readers out there, so vote in our poll and tell us who you would have as your #2 option for the award - and if it's someone we haven't mentioned, let us know who it would be in the comments.