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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 16, 2015

In today's late curds, we look back at another poor performance by the Green Bay offense and see little hope for a big rebound next Sunday.

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By now, some of the shock from yesterday's loss by the Green Bay Packers should have worn off, so it's time to start breaking down what went wrong and why. Today's cheese curds are our first attempt to do just that, now that a little less than 24 hours have passed.

If you want emotional gut reactions, feel free to hop over to our Quick Outs piece, where several of us have made our initial feelings known.

The Packers, meanwhile, will proceed with the daunting task of self-scouting Sunday's game tape and preparing for a road game against another excellent defense. We have a look at the upcoming game as well in today's curds.

Aaron Rodgers says teams daring Packers to pass |
When was the last time that was the case, back in 2009 or so? It's a bizarre trend that teams are not only challenging Rodgers to beat them, but that he isn't doing it.

Notes - QB coach Tom Clements still calling plays | JSOnline
Whether fans like it or not, McCarthy won't be changing his focus. And Rodgers thinks "the way things are going are just fine," at least as far as the communication and playcalling go.

Searching for playmakers: Aaron Rodgers wants 'best guys on field' - ESPN
Expect some more bad "He went to Jared" jokes in the coming weeks. Abbrederis played a career-high 19 snaps on Sunday and saw seven passes come his way, catching four of them for 57 yards.

Aaron Rodgers denounces anti-Islamic fan who ruined moment of silence at Packers game | USA Today
By putting football aside, this was a moment that earned the Packers' QB a lot of respect from a lot of people and helped put things in a little bit of perspective. Good for you, Aaron.

Are Vikings legit contenders in NFC? | Pro Football Focus
If the Packers' offense struggled at home against the 32nd-ranked scoring defense, why should we expect them to rebound on the road versus the top unit in the league? Mike Zimmer's group has been excellent at executing matchup-specific gameplans this year, and it will be interesting to see how they approach Rodgers and company on Sunday.

2016 NFL Draft order: Cleveland Browns hold No. 1 pick for now -
As of this point, the Packers are projected to be the #5 seed in the NFC, holding a slight strength-of-schedule advantage over the Falcons, who also sit at 6-3.