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Packers-Bears ticket prices dwarf current and past Thanksgiving games

Still looking for a ticket to Green Bay-Chicago next week? Be prepared to offer up a serious chunk of change.

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It's no surprise that tickets for the Green Bay Packers' game against the Chicago Bears in two weeks are among the most expensive in the NFL this year. After all, not only is it a game against the Packers' biggest rivals and not only is it on Thanksgiving Night, but the game will also feature the ceremony honoring Brett Favre at halftime as well as the long-awaited opportunity to see three legendary Packers quarterbacks on the field simultaneously.

But just how expensive are those tickets?

Data provided to Acme Packing Company by ticket broker Vivid Seats indicate that prices on the secondary ticket market are massively more expensive than your average Thanksgiving Day game. In fact, the median price for a ticket to the game is over $400, and is more than double the median price for any game played in Dallas or Detroit between 2011 and 2014.

Furthermore, the cheapest ticket currently available is $219. By comparison, the Panthers-Cowboys game scheduled for this Thanksgiving afternoon currently has a median price of about $270. No other Thanksgiving Day games since 2011 even have had a median price over $200.

Note: Only data from games played in Detroit and Dallas were provided. Other games played on Thanksgiving night were not available.

It also must be mentioned that tickets for a game at Lambeau Field are typically more expensive than most other stadiums anyway, considering the team's season-ticket policy. However, the events surrounding this game will make attendance difficult for all but the most devoted (and well-to-do) Packers fans.

Here is a breakdown of the average ticket prices over the past five years of Thanksgiving Day games, as well as the lowest ticket price that would get you in the door.

Teams Year Median Price Minimum Price
Bears at Packers 2015 $425 $219
Eagles at Lions 2015 $124 $45
Panthers at Cowboys 2015 $272 $21 (standing room only)
Bears at Lions 2014 $139 $23
Eagles at Cowboys 2014 $140 $25
Packers at Lions 2013 $125 $19
Raiders at Cowboys 2013 $155 $23
Texans at Lions 2012 $90 $25
Washington at Cowboys 2012 $176 $31
Packers at Lions 2011 $140 $4
Dolphins at Cowboys 2011 $145 $29

Our thanks go out to Vivid Seats for this information.