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Cheese Curds 11/19: Clinton-Dix bounces back, defenses don't respect Packers' weapons

It's tough to do anything on offense when defenses believe that they can cover your receivers one-on-one - and it's even tougher when they're right.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are facing a tough dilemma at this point - how do you defeat defenses that are lining up in man-coverage across the board and blitzing your quarterback, but still keeping your receivers blanketed?

There's one easy answer that I can think of: run the ball effectively. And that is something that the Packers have also struggled to do with any consistency. In today's curds, we find both a breakdown of the offense's struggles, with a focus on how opponents are scheming against them, and one possible answer to get the running game going.

In addition to those items, we look briefly at the defense, as writers from around the Packers blogosphere have identified one player who played a great game last week as well as one who has been conspicuous in his absence on defense.

Packers sticking together through tough time |
Aaron Rodgers said that there has been no carryover from the fight that took place on the sideline between several defensive players during the Carolina game, and he apparently disagrees with Josh Sitton's statements earlier this week that the offense is too predictable.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix plays well one week after sideline tirade |
Speaking of that fight, one of the instigators, the Packers' second-year safety, played arguably the best game of his career against the Lions with a pick and several great plays against the run.

Aaron Rodgers isn't broken, but defenses don't respect his skill players - ESPN (Insider)
This article looks at Rodgers' mechanical issues and the Packers' opponents' defensive schemes as major reasons why the Packers have struggled of late.

Packers could benefit from giving Lacy more carries |
I agree that it's a possibility, but part of the problem is the offense's inability to pick up yardage on first down. It's a lot easier to call a running play on second-and-four than it is on second-and-nine, which might be part of the reason that there has been little continuity in the run game.

Packers LB Jayrone Elliott has become milk-carton material |
Remember when Jayrone Elliott forced two turnovers in just nine snaps against the Seahawks? Why has he been banished to a special teams-only role?

NFL veterans are having some of their best seasons well past their prime -
Julius Peppers is another "old man" in the NFL, and though nobody would argue he's playing at a higher level than ever, he is on pace for about 10 sacks this season. If he achieves that mark, that would give him double-digit sacks in nine different seasons.