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Cheese Curds, 11/25: Looking forward to Bart Starr's appearance and Packers' QB reunion

The long-awaited opportunity for Green Bay's three legends to take the field together is almost here.

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Instead of a trophy, picture a guy wearing #4.
Instead of a trophy, picture a guy wearing #4.
Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is always a special day around the USA, and football fans have much to look forward to this year. That is even more true for Green Bay Packers fans, who will get to experience something extra-special on Thursday evening.

Brett Favre's return to Lambeau is the big storyline, but this will be the first (and possibly the only) opportunity for all three of the Packers' great signal-callers to meet at the same place at the same time. It's an exciting moment that we hope all Packers fans will tune in for and enjoy. That's the focus of today's cheese curds today, as we wrap up our preparations for tomorrow's game against the Bears throughout the day today.

Green Bay Packers QBs Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers to attend celebration at Lambeau Field
Speaking of Thursday, everything is on track for Starr to join the Packers' current and previous legendary quarterbacks tomorrow night, in what will in all likelihood be Starr's last trip to Green Bay.

Brett Favre makes Pro Football Hall of Fame's cut to 25 |
Meanwhile, this will go down as one of the least-surprising news items of the year. The other semifinalist with a Packers connection is Kevin Greene, the team's former outside linebackers coach.

Packers offense still smoothing out its game |
The offense finally fed off of a good defensive performance, but the drops and stalled drives need to stop if this team is to make a playoff run.

Packers defensive back Micah Hyde's hip went numb after diving tackle attempt | JSOnline
Well, there's no question any more about what sort of injury Hyde is dealing with. However, he did say that he has "made progress since Sunday" and he's not ruling himself out for Thursday's game against Chicago.

Packers use unconventional wisdom to put pressure on quarterback |
We at APC have joked in the past that Dom Capers doesn't care about stopping the run and instead focuses solely on attacking the quarterback. Last Sunday, however, his unit's success at sacking Teddy Bridgewater was a direct result of its ability to contain Adrian Peterson.

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