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NFL Playoff Picture, Week 13: Packers slip a game back of Vikings in NFC North

While Green Bay sits a full game back of Minnesota in the division, an NFC North title is still entirely under their control.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

With their loss on Thursday, the Green Bay Packers slipped to 7-4 on the season. With the Minnesota Vikings entering the week tied with the Packers at 7-3, Green Bay was a half-game back of the Vikings until Sunday, when Minnesota defeated the Atlanta Falcons 20-10. That win bumped the Vikings' NFC North lead back up to a full game, as they improved to 8-3 on the season.

While this moves the Packers back into the Wild Card, it actually improved their projected playoff matchup (if the season would have ended today), as they would go on the road to face Washington (who is 5-6) instead of hosting the 6-5 Seahawks.

Still, Green Bay controls its own destiny for an NFC North title, thanks to the head-to-head win over the Vikings a week ago and a date with Minnesota in week 17 of the season. If the Packers win out, the best Minnesota could do would be a 12-4 record and a tie with Green Bay, and if the Packers sweep the season series they would hold the tiebreaker between the two teams. For now though, Green Bay must focus on getting a win in Detroit and keeping that possibility alive.

Here's how the NFC looks at present:

NFC Playoff Standings

1. Carolina Panthers, 11-0 (NFC South leader)
2. Arizona Cardinals, 9-2 (NFC West leader)
3. Minnesota Vikings, 8-3 (NFC North leader)
4. Washington, 5-6 (NFC East leader, holds tiebreaker over Giants)
5. Green Bay Packers, 7-4 (Wild Card)
6. Seattle Seahawks, 6-5 (Wild Card

Outside looking in

Atlanta Falcons, 6-5
New York Giants, 5-6
Chicago Bears, 5-6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-6
Philadelphia Eagles, 4-7
Detroit Lions, 4-7
New Orleans Saints, 4-7
St. Louis Rams, 4-7
Dallas Cowboys, 3-8
San Francisco 49ers, 3-8

In the AFC, things just got more interesting thanks to the Broncos' win over New England last night. The Patriots now hold just a one-game lead over Cincinnati and Denver for the AFC's top spot. Meanwhile, a few teams that were left for dead a few weeks back have climbed back up to winning records and are in the Wild Card hunt.

AFC Playoff Standings

1. New England Patriots, 10-1 (NFC East leader)
2. Cincinnati Bengals, 9-2 (NFC North leader)
3. Denver Broncos, 9-2 (NFC West leader)
4. Indianapolis Colts, 6-5 (NFC South leader)
5. Kansas City Chiefs, 6-5 (Wild Card)
6. Houston Texans, 6-5 (Wild Card)

Outside looking in

New York Jets, 6-5
Pittsburgh Steelers, 6-5
Buffalo Bills, 5-6
Oakland Raiders, 5-6
Miami Dophins, 4-7
Jacksonville Jaguars, 4-7
Baltimore Ravens, 3-7*
San Diego Chargers, 3-8
Cleveland Browns, 2-8*
Tennessee Titans, 2-9

* Play on Monday Night Football tonight