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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 9, 2015

Green Bay's pass defense was atrocious on Sunday, and the team should start seeing more contributions from another member of this year's rookie class moving forward.

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

For the second straight Monday, the Green Bay Packers have to spend a painful day watching film of a loss to an undefeated team on the road. Unlike last week, which featured virtually no positives anywhere on the field, the Packers' offense has a few sustained and successful drives to review and hopefully build from.

The defense, on the other hand, needs to go back to the drawing board after the secondary had a largely abysmal day against the Panthers' largely mediocre group of receivers. Rookie Damarious Randall provided one of the few sparks, and even that came on the heels of a poor showing early in the game.

However, we may have seen the first signs of another rookie's emergence on Sunday as the Packers continue to search for a player who can line up next to Clay Matthews.

Tough to take coming up 'one play short' |
That's the company line, spoken by T.J. Lang after the game. After both defense and offense were ineffective for three quarters, they both did enough to have a chance to redeem themselves, only to fall short on a final opportunity inside the five-yard line.

Aaron Rodgers disappointed with his performance |
While the question going into the game was along the lines of "what will re-start the Packers' offense?", the big one now is "what scared Rodgers on that fourth and goal?"

Aaron Rodgers destroys the official tablet computer of the NFL -

Julius Peppers, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, B.J. Raji of Green Bay Packers involved in sideline altercation
This was one of the more bizarre scenes from Sunday afternoon, as a second-year player and a future Hall of Famer had to be separated on the sideline. According to all parties, there are no lingering bad feelings, however.

Chips Report from Packers 37-29 loss to the Panthers |
Look for a lot more of Jake Ryan moving forward after he replaced Nate Palmer midway through the game and largely played well in relief.

GB-CAR Grades: Newton rises when needed, Packers falter | Pro Football Focus
The main points here: the secondary played like crap, Starks >>>> Lacy, and Jake Ryan performed well, as mentioned above.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn's decision to kick a FG was so dumb, making it hurt their win probability -
If there was any doubt about whether the Falcons were right to kick that field goal late in their game against the 49ers, this can put it to rest.