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Taiwanese Animators preview Packers-Lions game in typical absurd fashion

Enjoy two minutes of complete absurdity as Green Bay's upcoming game gets animated.

This week's Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game is getting plenty of attention around the NFC, as the suddenly resurgent Lions and the disappointing Packers will have a big matchup at Ford Field on Thursday. However, one other group of people who have taken notice of the upcoming game are the fine folks in Taiwan, who frequently break down some of the biggest American sporting events.

Last week, for example, they featured the Ohio State-Michigan game, which had Wolverines tight end Jake Butt depicted as an actual human behind catching footballs between its cheeks. From that alone, you can imagine some of the ridiculous things that you can expect in their preview of Packers-Lions.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Aaron Rodgers kicking the "Discount Double-Check" guy out of bed
  • The Packers explode after being covered in cheese inside a frying pan
  • Ndamukong Suh comes back in a Dolphins uniform to stomp on Rodgers' ankle
  • The concept of bringing one's "A-game" is illustrated by Rodgers holding a copy of Madden which has conveniently had its front cover changed to a large "A".
  • Some entertaining depictions of various players: Randall Cobb is shown as an ear of corn, Golden Tate is a literal bar of gold, Julius Peppers is a jar of ground black pepper, and Glover Quin is a receiver's glove. And of course, Calvin Johnson becomes a giant silver Transformer.
  • Eddie Lacy kicks Stephen Tulloch in the crotch for some inexplicable reason.
Enjoy the foolishness.