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Cheese Curds, 12/18: Tom Clements takes a back seat, running backs take over Packers' offense

The Green Bay coaches' emphasis on the screen pass has been a direct result of the defensive schemes run against them this season.

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When Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy made the switch back to calling the plays, Tom Clements seemed like a man without an assignment on game day. However, Clements remains an integral part of the coaching staff, and is likely one of the reasons why the Packers have found one particular type of play to be so effective this season.

In today's curds, we look at why Green Bay's running backs are catching the ball out of the backfield at an impressive rate and with great success. Both of the top two running backs are averaging over 9 yards per reception, a great number for running backs. James Starks actually has a career high this season with 9.5 yards per catch, a testament to the effectiveness of the screen passes that the Packers are employing.

With an active and aggressive defensive line up next in Oakland, look for Green Bay to dial up the screen once again to keep the offense humming.

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The former playcaller is back up in the booth now, and QB/WR coach Alex Van Pelt says he is still a major part of the game planning during the week.

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When defenses line up in man-to-man coverage, as teams have been doing against the Packers regularly this season, that opens up a lot of opportunities for the running backs to do a lot of damage in the screen game.

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He hasn't played since week three, but two weeks of practice have brought his "foot fire" back to full speed and he thinks he's ready to go when called upon.

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